About us

We are an innovative startup with the aim to develop, create and maintain innovative services and technologically advanced solutions.

In particular, DamoTech wants to develop a variety of services, including an analysis on cyber risks deriving from the human factor, and the assessment of a company’s cyber maturity level, with regards to new technologies, and internal and external processes.

Since its birth, DamoTech has been deep inside the cybersecurity field, possessing a high-level of multidisciplinary skills. In this context, a specific R&D project emerges: our Cyber Threat Intelligence platform, aims to collect, handle and process unclassified information, through the emission of high quality, semiautomatic reports guarantees by analysts and AI/ML components.

DamoTech’s multidisciplinarity comes from its team, made for more than a third by PhD graduates, that cooperate using the latest technologies, in order to develop products perfectly aligned with the market’s needs.